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Our Philosophy
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When it comes to choosing a law firm, large corporations, insurance carriers, small growing businesses, families and individuals share a common need – the need for expert assistance responsive to their unique circumstances and sensitive to the important issues and costs that are often at stake. The attorneys at Metzger Rosta LLP individually and collectively specialize in various areas of legal practice, thus providing the expert assistance valued and requested by our clients. We believe it is our duty to work in a team approach to resolve our clients’ legal problems and provide proactive counseling to minimize legal issues in the future as well as while continuing to provide cost-effective representation.

Our primary goal at Metzger Rosta LLP is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We believe that our proactive approach is unique to the legal community. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to handle any legal problem presented to us. The clients who continue to utilize our services know that we strive to meet their high expectations and adhere to and advance their specific requirements, whether the client be an insurance carrier, self-insured, corporation or individual. This is the standard that sets us apart from other law firms and gives us a well-earned reputation for excellence.